Great Grand Master T.M. Kim

Chong Jae Nim Tong Mun Kim is a Korean national. At the age of fourteen, he joined a Tang Soo Do
class at Pyong Taek, Korea.


Soon showing his ability, he rapidly moved his way up through the first ten grades. Within two years, he was one of the three who, of all of the original 150 students, succeeded in achieving Black Belt status.

At nineteen, he had reached 3rd Dan and was appointed to the Song Tan School as an instructor with his own class, and within a year was promoted to School Instructor in charge of his own school. In the 1966 Korean Army Championship, he was a Welterweight Silver Medalist.

During the next two years he succeeded twice in an elimination contest held by the Korean Federation to choose the most able instructors to represent them in Vietnam and Thailand, but did not take up his option. Instead, he decided to take up an appointment as Assistant Instructor to the USAF 314 Air Division at Osan in 1969. The following year the Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Hwang Kee chose him for the National Korean Demonstration Team, which toured US bases and gave demonstrations to the high ranking military personnel and celebrities.

By 1972 he had become Head Instructor to the 314th Air Division with five assistant Black Belt instructors and some 350 students. At this time he was asked to host the 5th All American TangSoo Do Championships which was a great success, his own team winning the championship.


From 1972 to 1976 he participated in many things; special High Black Belt training courses, Celebration Demonstrations, Young Person’s Championships, and many others. He then left Korea to take up an appointment as Chief Instructor for Greece, which was based in Athens. Staying in Greece for a year, he then accepted an invitation from Lee Kang Uk, the Chief Instructor for Europe, to accept responsibility for Tang Soo Do in Wales and the West.

In 1984, he arrived in the United States to open the T.M. Kim Tang Soo Do School in Norcross, GA. He also held the Vice President position of the International Tang Soo Do Federation and Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee. Since then he has opened several schools across Georgia. In addition to himself, his four children are all advanced Black Belt holders. Having achieved the title of Chong Jae Nim, or Great Grandmaster, T.M. Kim continues to promote and spread the art of Tang Soo Do!

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